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Photo by Fermin Fleites

Arte Mundo Latino explores the various cultural tributary streams that have shaped Hispanic culture in the United States. Using art and culture as a springboard, the show delves in the origin of the diverse cultural trends that have formed the many cultures coexisting at present both in the United States and abroad.

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    We are a company committed to excellence and with generating added value for the viewers..

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    We have been over 10 years both in the Hispanic and non-Hispanic market of the United States..

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    Art and Entertainment.

    We are a company with a unique approach to entertainment.

Arte Mundo Latino

Arte Mundo Latino is a paean to diversity and cultural exchange.

Arte Mundo Latino is a TV series that explores a variety of art topics. Arte Mundo Latino is aimed at all professionals of the art world that are involved in running the art market, as well as art enthusiasts and the general public. The show usually features three to four topics per episode, including interviews with the artists set in their own studios. These are intercut between topics that can include, but aren’t limited to, art history, new exhibitions, dance, theater, opera, performing arts, workshops, the manufacture of art objects, and art techniques.

the best of professionals

Maria Fleites

Host and Script.

Eusebio Valdes

Sound Engineer

Fermin Fleites

Script and General Producer

Jeannie Fernandez

Executive Producer

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Digitalmedia is a company based in Miami, Florida. We are sole owners and distributors of a great library of cultural content, research and entertainment for television, cinema and digital asset management. Our market niche are cultural contents related to the Hispanic world, with the goal of offering high-quality entertainment. We produce and distribute our own contents as well as contents created on request. Our company bets on cutting edge technology, and we are busy generating content in high-quality format that is compatible with the expansion of social media....more


Eduardo José Padrón.

Miami Dade College, president.

Padrón thanks Arte Mundo Latino for their work on promoting cultural exchange in the latin world.